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The Benefits of Generosity

The benefits of generosity are greater than you think. When you think of being generous, initially you may think the benefits of giving are for the recipient. While this is true, the benefits can be significant for the giver as well. Research has demonstrated the following benefits for the giver. Healthier Physically Studies have found […]

Financial Pitfalls; Avoiding COSTLY Mistakes

The English dictionary describes a pitfall as “a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty.” Alternatively, it also defines a pitfall as “a covered pit used as a trap.” When it comes to finance, I can make the case that both definitions hold true. Avoiding financial pitfalls in general really comes down to managing discretionary spending. […]

2021 Contribution Limits and RRSP Top-up Deadline

January 1st of each year often brings expectations of new things to come and the hope of new beginnings. 2021 is no different, though with some added variables such as masks and hand sanitizer. This new year also brings financial changes, such as new TFSA and RRSP limits and deadlines. Below are financial contribution limits and […]

The Art and Science of Wealth Decumulation (Part III)

How to Decumulate well is both an art and science. In the first two blogs on the topic of decumulation we talked about why planning is an ongoing process and identified some of the biggest financial challenges faced in decumulation during retirement. This third article will outline four important basics for decumulating wealth well. 1. […]

The Art and Science of Wealth Decumulation (Part II)

How to Decumulate well is both an art and science. In the first part of this three-part series, we discussed why planning is a lifelong process. This second part of the series will identify some of the biggest financial challenges faced in decumulation during retirement. The third article will outline important basics for decumulating wealth […]

The Art and Science Of Wealth Decumulation (Part I)

Much of the financial services industry is focused on Wealth Accumulation.You’ve likely heard: “Contribute to RRSPs” “Maximize your TFSA” “Buy an RESP for your child’s education” So what happens when you reach retirement and all that hard work of building wealth for your future becomes your main source of income?Your questions might now become: “Should […]

Is it okay to retire with debt?

Canadians are having a harder time than ever saving for retirement as well as paying down debt. Debt levels are higher than they’ve ever been. For example, 2003 Debt-to-disposable income was 120% versus today at almost 180%. Real estate and consumer goods have jumped significantly in price and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down […]

Canada Pension Plan – How stable is it?

Canadian workers rightly assume that the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will be there for them when they reach retirement. In honor of this expectation we thought we would dig a little deeper into this national program. Here is what we found: Interesting Facts: It is the 10th largest pension in the world ($392 Billion as of […]

Are you a stock or a bond?

Measured Risk – this is usually the determining factor in how we view our client’s portfolios. We take a snapshot of the stage of life you’re in and put together a plan that will suit your needs for the short and long term. Often times we get asked, “How do I know if a portfolio […]