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Understanding recent market volatility. Is it time to be afraid or opportunistic?

The markets have been going on a bit of a ride in recent days. The reason for the decline seems to be based on disappointing earnings reports of key corporations in the US, implications of tariffs and rising interest rates. For today we’ll focus on the effect of changing interest rates. Rising interest rates are a signal […]

The Noise of Budget 2018 – Or Rather The Collective Sigh Of Relief That Was Echoed Across Canada’s Business World

The income sprinkling rules outlined in July 2017 held strong and the rules pertaining to passive investment income weren’t as harsh as predicted. Specifically, Budget 2018 has implemented two simple measures as it pertains to passive investment income: Limiting Access to Small Business Tax Rate Budget 2018 proposed to provide for an alternative reduction to the […]

Mortgage Insurance vs. Life Insurance – What am I Actually Covered For?

If you have ever purchased a home or applied for a loan, you may be familiar with Mortgage Insurance. This is the insurance the bank is obligated to encourage you to take in the event you die or become disabled. It is intended to protect your loved ones from being stuck with the mortgage in […]

Beware of Pitfalls When Selling Homes

A recent article in the Investment Executive, Beware of pitfalls when selling homes, draws attention to implications that can arise as a result of the changes that occurred to the Principal Residence Capital Gains Exemption.  The articles mention some important things to be aware of when selling a home that that could interfere with your tax free […]

Are RRSPs Overrated?

For many years RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) were viewed as the best option available for retirement savings. However, the truth is that there are several variables to consider for your best investment options. Here is a short list of questions to ask yourself: (more…) Is my income below $38,898? Are my investable assets (not […]